Tarantula Tattoo Shop is a place created by four long-time friends, people with true passion and experience specializing in traditional tattoos and piercing. Visit and let yourself be swept away by the amazing classic interior filled with a great deal of hand painted old school tattoo flashes with countless of designs to choose from, all combined with cosy and friendly atmosphere. Located in the heart of old jewish quarter in Krakow – Kazimierz district – our tattoo shop is waiting for you with hundreds of original tattoo designs available on a walk-in basis. Thanks to many years of experience and versatility we are able to meet any challenge. We are open for custom tattoo ideas of all flavors – from a small, delicate wrist tattoo to a complicated full-color back piece composition – we can handle it!

The main focus of our tattoo studio are traditional tattoos, a tattoo style which can be defined by its use of bold, black outlines, black shadings and a limited color palette, typically including black, yellow, red and green. Created at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, traditional tattoo is nowadays regarded as first ever modern tattooing style. Still extremely popular and in demand, especially in Western countries. Even though many years have passed, this style never fails to appeal.

Our experience gained throughout the years lets us work with almost any tattoo style, not only classic tattoo but also japanese tattoo, realistic tattoo, fine line tattoo, neotraditional tattoo and blackwork tattoo. We can tattoo both in black and in colour, minimalistic and subtle designs or bigger compositions. You can see our work HERE.

Our tattoo studio is well known for its frequent tattoo guest spots, allowing you to get tattooed by highly valued tattoo artists from the other side of the world without even having to leave Cracow! Tattooists specializing in variety of styles visit our studio up to even couple of times a month! To stay up to date with our guest spots follow our social media.

Tarantula Tattoo Shop is not only about tattoos. We are providing safe, clean and positive piercing experience as well. Every piercing is done with a highest quality of hypoallergenic products and conducted in sterile surroundings.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We are always open for new suggestions and whether you are interested in a large piece, a small design or a custom piece; the artists here at Tarantula Tattoo Shop are eager to use their talents and experience to ensure you get the tattoo you want. Don’t hesitate to ask, we are always happy to answer any question. Our tattoo shop is known for its friendly atmosphere – come over and see it for yourself!


Izabella Dawid Wolf Guest Spot

Izabella Dawid Wolf Izabella Dawid Wolf will be our guest from 20 – 22 November. Get in touch with her for bookings. Instagram Tumblr

Tattoo aftercare instructions

Tattoo aftercare instructions Always remember to wash your hands throuhly before handling new tattoo! Next day after you wake up carefully remove the dressing. Wash your tattoo with lukewarm water and liquid soap and gently Read more…