General information

  • You can book an appointment either via email or you can stop by the shop. Walk-ins are also welcome!

  • We’ve got hundreds of available designs to choose from. We can also create a design based on your idea. Think of the design and style, size and location of your tattoo. Then choose one of our artists. You can send us references such as illustrations, photos, sketches or pictures found on the Internet. The more information about your idea you can provide to us the better. The project will be presented on the day of tattooing. 

  • Each tattoo price is calculated individually. The price depends on design, its complexity, size, location on the body where it will be placed. Our minimum price is 200 zł.

  • Our tattoo shop performs only for adults. An underage person may use our services in the presence of parent or legal guardian.

  • Give up tanning and take care of your skin’s condition before getting tattooed. Don’t drink alcohol the day before.  Get enough sleep, eat well before you come in. Remember to stay calm and cool, you are in good hands!

  • Hygiene and safety are the highest priorities for us. We work with sterile and highest quality equipment.

  • You will be given aftercare instructions after you’ve been tattooed. You can also find instructions on our blog.

  • Feel free to contact us or stop by the shop if you’ve got any questions.


  1. Be open to our suggestions. We have years of experience, we have tattooed thousands of people, so you’re in good hands. We pride ourselves on the quality and versatility of our work. We always do our best to make our customers happy with their tattoo.

  2. Base your tattoo design on your opinion. Treat your friends’ and family’s opinion with caution. Remember, tattoo becomes a part of you.

  3. In case of health issues, skin problems, etc. contact your doctor if tattooing is possible. Let us know about your health condition while making an appointment.

  4. Do not hesitate to ask for a tattoo touch-up. Skin is not a piece of paper, therefore after healing process there might be a little touch-up needed. Remember to follow the aftercare rules! 

  5. Let us know as early as possible about appointment cancellation. You can also reschedule appointment.